Bandits Tryout Information

Tournment Team Tryouts

Managers responsibilities: In scheduling and conducting tryouts and selecting players, tournament managers shall:

1.      Schedule at least two (2) try-outs and post the time and location of the try-outs.

2.      Select coaches to help conduct the tryouts and evaluate the players.

3.      Prior to starting the first tryout, assemble parents and players and inform them of the commitment involved in playing tournament baseball, including dates of tournaments, verify player availability for all tournaments which the team will enter, and inform them of the criteria which will be used to select players including conduct and sportsmanship.

4.      Conduct the tryouts with the goal of selecting the best possible team to represent Mathewson McCarthy, considering not only playing ability but also the personal qualities of the players.

5.      Meet with the coaches who assisted at the tryout to evaluate player abilities and make player selections.  After selecting the team, the manager should submit a complete roster to the league.

6.      Managers should inform players not selected in any constructive, respectful and timely manner.

7.      An underage player may not be selected to participate on an older age team.  If there is no team at a given level or if there are not enough players available at the older level to successfully roster a team, at the leagues discression, a player may be considered to play-up an age group.


Prospective tournament team player responsibilities:

1.      All players will be required to attend a scheduled tryout conducted by their respective tournament team manager(s). Open tryouts will be scheduled at the end of the preceding tournament season and, if needed, prior to the start of the next regular season. If unable to attend these tryouts, players may contact the team manager and request an opportunity to tryout.

2.      When two tournament teams will be fielded at any level, all players will tryout as part of a single pool of candidates to be selected to either the Black or Blue teams.    The Black team will select their roster first from the pool of players.  The Blue team will select players to form their roster second.  If there are not enough players with tournament team level ability, additional tryouts may be held at a later date in order to complete the team roster.  Families should understand that Mathewson McCarthy Baseball’s philosophy is that players should play on the best team that their abilities allow.  Being selected to either the Black or Blue team one year does not mean that the player will be selected to the same team for the following season.

Players must agree to commit for the entire tournament season including Sunday league play unless first notifying the manager of any circumstances that would prevent this. Players will not be prevented from participating due to scheduled vacations, religious events, or other similar event.  Any special circumstances must be approved by both the team manager and division VP prior to the player’s participation.

Manager Selection

At the end of every tournament season head coaching candidates are asked to submit a formal application to the MMB Tournament Committee and make themselves available for an interview in order to be considered to serve as a head coach to one of our Bandits teams.  Candidates are asked to submit references and to provide information for a thorough background check to ensure player safety.

During the interview process careful consideration is given to several aspects that are critical to functioning as an effective head coach. While knowledge of fundamental mechanics and situational play are considered, several other aspects including, but not limited to, communication skills, demeanor, conduct on / off of the field of play, coaching style, availability/flexibility of schedule, and anticipated tournament play and off-season practice schedule are all major components to the selection process.  Having served as the head coach of a team in prior years is not a guarantee that a given coach will be awarded a team for the following season.   Upon completion of the interview process and background check, the tournament committee will submit its findings and recommendations to the Board of Directors to complete the vetting process and for subsequent voting to decide the best candidate to serve as the manager for the season to come.

Manager qualifications and responsibilities

1.      Managers are expected to communicate with the league, team parents, and players as necessary regarding team / league functions and activities.  Communication should be timely and comprehensive so as to provide adequate time for appropriate responses as needed.

2.      Managers must demonstrate proper conduct both on and off the field as well as the ability to collaborate constructively with players, coaches, officials and parents.

3.      The manager is responsible for all coaches and players both on and off the field.

4.      The manager must be prepared to commit to being available for all tournaments.

5.      The manager is responsible for all equipment and uniforms issued to the team and for return of those items, in good condition, promptly upon completion of the tournament season.

6.      The manager must assist the Tournament Director in running any Mathewson McCarthy sponsored invitational tournaments at his age level.

7.      The manager is expected to keep a formal record of all team finances and be able to make those records available to the board of directors for review upon request.