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Why MMB?

"MMB is more than a baseball league. It’s a family environment. Our three boys are spending their summers growing up on the fields and learning the game of baseball from great coaches. But more importantly, they are learning skills they will use for the rest of their life. We spend a lot of time at MMB and our kids love watching the games and running around the facility spending time with their friends. As parents, we are comfortable knowing there are so many close families who are always watching out for all the kids. Our kids are learning baseball, but are becoming good teammates and leaders."

-Paul Parisi

"Our son has played for MMB since he started T-ball. From the beginning, every coach has gone above and beyond to instill both the knowledge of and the love for the game of baseball. The MMB organization is a family-oriented league that places an emphasis on sportsmanship and developing well-rounded players. Every season has brought new friendships both on and off the field and families that are supportive of each others’ kids."

-Amanda Shamrock

"Being a coach at MMB is definitely a pleasure. Working with the children and watching them understand and improve in the game of baseball is the goal. I have been very fortunate to have great parents who contribute to that growth."

-Lou Rivera

"Even though I don't play baseball, MMB is still an amazing place. I love to play with my friends and run around. Some of my favorite people I have met at MMB. You can meet a ton of new people there. At MMB, everyone is friends. When my mom says we have to go to MMB I get excited, not sad or annoyed.

MMB also has a concession stand were you can get things such as pretzels, pizza, french fries, and more."

-Juliet Chambers

"I’ve played at MMB since I was 5 and I’ve built a lot of friendships. The experience has increased my love of the game. My favorite memory is the introduction parade at the All Star Game."

-Chase Frank

"I have been playing at MMB for 6 years and have made many great friends. My coaches have taught me so much and have helped me progress as a baseball player and person. I love the competition of travel, as well as the chance to be a leader to less experienced players in house. I am so glad I started playing at MMB. It has been the best experience in baseball that anyone could get."

-Jacoby Chambers

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